Hornstra, Ter Idzard

According to Hornstra from Ter Idzard (FR), the perfect covering systemdoes not exist: “Every system has its pros and cons. If it is not labour-intensive, it will take a lot of time. And if it doesn’t take a lot of time, like an automated system, then it’s hugely expensive. These are considerations that a livestock farmer must make in advance. The Silage Safe system does take some time the first time, but once it is covered, it like a rock.” Hornstra proudly points to his pit: Even with the storm that blew over last autumn, everything is still tight”.

Hornstra already has had several years of covering experience with Silage Safe. “Previously I had sand on the pit and that had the advantage that it gives good pressure, But with frost it is a very tough job, which requires a lot of hard digging. Silage Safe has the advantage that in the winte months you can easily open the towing eyes”, Hornstra explains.

The quality of his silage is very good. The photos show that there are no smolder or mold spots anywhere; the cutting surface is nice and even.

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