Kester, Oldetrijne

Price wise Silage Safe was very interesting for Mr. Kester from Oldetrijne (FR). He was looking for a system that was less labor-intensive. When he heard about Silage Safe, he decided to visit someone nearby with a Silage Safe system. “He told me that especially opening and closing the pit was easy. I personally experience the light work as the biggest advantage; it hardly takes any physical effort,” says Kester. According to him, three should be no illusion that the system saves a lot of time at first. “Preparing and setting up the system takes some time, especially the first time, because you don’t have any skills with it yet. But once you get the hang of it, it works fine. The times after that it is very easy”, he concludes with satisfaction.

Kester is also very pleased with the quality of this silage. “If the contractors press the pit into a curve properly, covering and tightening is a piece of cake. This is very important, because it prevents space and moisture from getting under the cloths. The quality of my silage is good, among other things, because ensiling with a curve and the possibility of putting a lot of tension on the pit.” And it shows: especially the edges of the pit are sealed airtight and there are no smolder or mold spots in the silage.

Kester mentions another advantage: “I think Silage Safe is also a perfect alternative for livestock farmers who have car tires on their silage. Towing and throwing tires is very heavy and I can also imagine that the use of tires will be banned in the future. I don’t think there is a better system than Silage Safe, especially for them, because of the low purchase price”, Kester emphasizes.

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